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Gabe Taylor




Sponsors:Artec snowboards, Billabong, Dragon, Val Surf, 32, Union, Purl wax, Grenade, Etnies

Training Ground:Mammoth backcountry

Favorite Wave (or Mountain, track, whatever):85's and Mammoth Mt.

Favorite trick:Methods and various 180's

Inspirations:Family and Friends

Not much of a contest kid here. Gabe now can be found hiking all over the Mammoth Backcountry in search of bottomless POW.


DOB: 9/8/80

Born: Encinitas, CA

Resides: Mammoth Lakes, CA

Hobbies: Surfing, golfing

Favorite Quote: "I'm not your everyday run of the mill fool."-Clark Griswald in "Vacation"

Growing up in Southern California definetly helped Gabe with his surfy style on a snowboard. Gabe now calls Mammoth Lakes, CA home and is a staple in the community. Make sure to check Gabe out in the new Mammoth movie entitled "Another Day in Paradise."