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Tom Pelley

Birthdate: 19/01/1989

Born: Earth, in the Australian section.

Lives: Out of my suitcase.

Height:  Too short for basketball; too tall to get mistaken for a midget.

Stance: Regular 22 inches apart and then around 15 on each.

Hobbies: Skating, Bicycling, Shenanigans, Fishing and a few others hobbies…

Favourite Dragon Goggles: APX for sure.

Years Snowboarding:  a fair few, I only wish I had started earlier.

Filmography: Two Weeks In (Pop Mag), Made You Look (Reason Films), Go Seek (Reason Films).

Career Highlights: Winning Cattlemans’ Rail Jam in 2010.  Such an epic contest and I have come close a few times.

Sponsors: Dragon, Quiksilver, Lib Tech and Grenade

Magic Stick (or snowboard…): Lib Tech Boxscratcher 147 or 154

Training Ground: Big Bear Mountain at the moment

Fav Mountain: Big Bear mountain, Beaver Creek and Mt Baker

Fav Trick: is getting a face shot a trick?

Inspirations: Everyone I ride with or watch inspires me; when I see someone having fun or do something unique, I froth.  I value creativity and style over anything else.