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Zak Hale

 Height: 5'10"

 Weight: 150

Stance (if applicable): Goofy

Sponsors: Burton, Analog, Monster, Dragon, Mimi's Cookies, Globe

Training Ground: Streets of Big Bear...hahaha

Favorite Wave (or Mountain, track, whatever): Big Bear


If you can call participating in Grenade Games a stat... Then hell yeah...

AKA: Hailstorm


Born:Montreal, Quebec

Resides:Big Bear, CA

Hobbies:Skating, Mtn Biking, Eating, Facebooking

Favorite Quote:

Zak is in full transition right now. His voice is changing, he likes girls, and is shredding harder than ever. hahaha

For real Zak is on the come up, he calls Big Bear home but spent this last season travelling more than ever. There are some big things in the future for this kid, keep an eye out.