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Andrew Jacobson

AKA: Flanget, Bambi

Birthdate: 6-8-95

Born: Santa Monica, California

Resides: Malibu, California

Height: 6’2

Stance: Goofy

Hobbies: Golf, and hanging out with my friends

Favorite Dragon Sunglasses: Decca

4th place Rip Curl Grom Search National Final Puerto Rico 2010.

4th place Open Juniors NSSA National Championships 2010.

2nd place Explorer Boys NSSA National Championships 2010.  

1st  place King of the Groms  2009, trip to France for international final.

2009 USA Surf Team member.

Sponsors: Volcom, Dragon, RockStar, Body Glove, Val Surf, Creature of leisure, Vestal

Shaper: Channel Islands

Magic Stick: 6’1 Fred Rubble

Training Ground: Zuma beach/Point Dume

Favorite Wave:  My home break when its good

Favorite Manuever: Airs and Barrels, still love a good carve

Inspirations: My friends, Family, and Owen Wright

Andrew Jacobson hails from Malibu, CA and is the youngest of three brothers in the Jacobson family. Father, Jake Jacobson, a retired lifeguard captain who has earned many stripes saving lives along the shores of Malibu, and mother, Dru, a dedicated mom who has become the token taxi of Malibu who will stop at nothing in getting her boys to and from the beach. Andrew’s parents have enabled him with the necessary tools he needed in becoming one of the best up and coming surfers out of California.

Although Andrew will always be a grom in the hearts of his elders, he is a man in the eyes of his peers.  At the tender age of 15, he stands at a towering 6'2" and has the competitive edge with a complete package of power combined the versatile arsenal of airs and reverses. He can charge with the best of them, stand tall in the barrel, put it on rail, and fly high above the lip. With that complete package, you can be sure you’ll be seeing more of this kid in years to come.