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Jordy Lawler

NAME: Jordan Lawler

AKA: Jordy

Birthdate: 1/6/95

Born: Mona Vale hospital

Resides: North Narrabeen

Height: 5,6

Stance: Goofy

Hobbies: Chilling with brothers and mates

Favorite Dragon Sunglasses: Wormser


-       2nd Australian titles u/18 (2011)

-       1st Rusty Gromfest Air Show (2011)

-       2nd Rusty Gromfest (2011)

-       1st Volcom VQS Nationals (2010,2011)

-       1st Ripcurl Gromsearch (2009,2010,2011)

-       1st Ocean and Earth Regionals (2010)

-       3rd Ocean and Earth International (2010)

-       2nd Rip Curl Grom Search National final (2010)

-       3rd Rip Curl Grom Search National final (2011)

-       5th VQS Worlds California (2010)

-       6th VQS Worlds California (2011)


Other Victories: 

1st North Narrabeen Boardriders Juniors and Cadets (2010)


Sponsors: Dragon, Volcom, FCS, Gorilla Grip, Surf Hardwear, Amazon Power, Etnies

Shaper: Channel island (Al Merrick)

Magic Stick: Fred Rubble 5,3

Training Ground: North Narrabeen

Favorite Wave: Pipeline

Favorite Maneuver: Airs

Inspirations: Barton Lynch, Clay Marzo

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