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Mikala Jones

Birthday: April 3, 1979

Born: Kailua, Hawaii

Resides:  A surf sled

Height: I'm 5'7

Stance: Natural

Hobbies: Collecting stamps

Favorite Quote:  Do Something.... JBG.

Favorite Dragon Sunglass: GG, Domo.

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Stance: natural

Sponsors: heaps

Shaper: glenn pang

Magic Stick: 7'0'' quad

Training Ground: the ocean

Favorite Wave: barrels

Favorite Maneuver: barrel or barrel roll.

Inspirations: tom curren, and little poopies.

Favorite Type of Music:rasta man live on kinds...

Favorite Movie: funny ones, nacho libre.

Ideal Surf Trip: barrels, sunny, no one around. sweet.....

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