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Owen Wright

Growing up on the south coast of New South Whales in Australia, Owen has grown up with his fair share of good waves to build his talents to extraordinary proportions. Owen has a smooth style mixed with skilled barrel riding and an aerial attack that most surfers can only dream of. At just 14 years old, Owen was already making heads turn on the North Shore of Oahu. However, at 6’3, Owen does not have your typical surfer stature. Owen is able to utilize his height with world-class power surfing while also mixing in modern style. Owen solidified his status as a force in surfing during the 2008/2009 Season as a wild card. In the Rip Curl WCT events, he was the unofficial giant killer defeating Tour veterans like Kelly Slater.

Currently, Owen is one of the most celebrated young surfers in the world. He is in his rookie year on the World Tour and is currently the top ranked rookie looking to take the celebrated Rookie of the Year Award with his consistent World Tour results. Look for Owen to be hoisting up that World Championship trophy sometime soon.