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Shane Dorian

The iconic Shane Dorian has done it all in his career. Joining the World Championship Tour in 1993 was just the beginning of a long illustrious career. Dorian has had many parts in top surf movies such as “Loose Change”, “Still Filthy”, and his own surf move “Blue Print”. Dorian has also starred in the Hollywood movie “In God’s Hands” (1998). On tour for eleven years, Dorian racked in a number of tour wins and finished as high as fourth on the world tour rankings.

In 2004, Dorian decided to shift his focus to surfing bigger waves and tackling breaks such as Teahupoo and Jaws. In 2008, Dorian took the top prize at the Global Big Wave Awards for a colossal wave ridden at Teahupoo. Today, Dorian resides in his home state of Hawaii on the big island where his surfing career began. He continues to travel the globe in search of big waves.