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Taylor Clark

Birthday:  September 23, 1995

Born:  La Jolla, California

Resides:  Encinitas

Height:  5'8

Stance:  Goofy

Hobbies:  Golfing, Tennis

Favorite Quote:  "Put God First"

Favorite Dragon Sunglass: The Jams

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Stance: Goofy

Sponsors:   Rip Curl, Dragon, DC, Creatures, SurfRide, DSC


Magic Stick:  

Training Ground: Seaside

Favorite Wave:  Lowers

Favorite Maneuver:  Airs

Inspirations:  God and Family

Favorite Type of Music: Everything

Favorite Movie:   Modern Collective, Step Brothers, Dumb and Dumber, Hangover

Ideal Surf Trip:  Bali with my family and friends

Taylor Clark is a fifteen year old with a bright future. He is a veteran top competitor in the NSSA Southwest conference. Recently, his progressive surfing has landed him a spot on the Pac Sun USA Surf Team. His progressive maneuvers have been fine tuned in his North County training grounds of Encinitas.

Taylor has started his attack on the ASP Pro Junior circuit. He hopes to compete against the world’s top young surfers and continue his amateur surfing success. He is San Diego’s next hope for a viable contender on the world tour. Keep an eye out for this kid, as you will be seeing his name for years to come.