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Brock Crouch


Birthdate: August 22, 1999

Born: Escondido, CA

Resides: Carlsbad, CA & Mammoth Lakes, CA

Height: 4'10"

Stance: Regular

Hobbies: Hanging out with my friends, surfing, skateboarding or playing football

Favorite Dragon Goggles: Rogue

Years Snowboarding: 7

Filmography: Warren Miller Movie, The Playground;  Nations Foundation Movie, One Year; Segment on New Pollution in the winter of 2010 and had a part in a Chevy Truck commercial for the 2010 Olympics

Career Highlights: 2009 - USASA Slopestyle winner ; 2010 – Gatorade Free Flow Half Pipe & Slopestyle winner; 2010 – Ultimate Boarder – 2nd ; 2010 - Volcom PBRJ – 2nd

Sponsors: Dragon, Burton, Volcom, Osiris, Mammoth Mountain, Sun Diego & Nixon

Magic Stick (or snowboard, equipment, bike): Burton Custom Smalls – 125

Training Ground: Mammoth Mountain

Favorite Mountain(s): Mammoth, Northstar at Tahoe and Breckenridge

Favorite Maneuver: Cab 900

Inspirations: Dave Downing, Tyler Flanagan, Danny Davis, Luke Mitrani, Mick aka White Lightning and Kelly Slater