Light Enough to Float, Loaded with Innovative Features

H2O Floatable Collection sunglasses have impressive specs:

· Lightweight: Low density material floats on water.

· Hydrophobic and Oleophobic: Repel water, dirt, dust, and oils for a clear view.

· Waterproof: Built for the breakers.

· Scratch Resistant: Resilient lenses can take some punishment.

· Performance Polar: Shield your eyes from glare with polarized lenses.

Free Shipping & Returns on Floatable Sunglasses

Ready to make a purchase? You handle the cost of your new sunglasses and we’ll cover shipping. Dragon Alliance knows how important it is to be outfitted with the right eyewear, so we’ll pay return shipping if you’re not satisfied.

H2O Floatable Sunglasses

Keep your shades on the surface with Dragon’s low density thermoplastic frames.

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Showing 1 ‐ 14 of 14 items