Go Green with Sustainable Sunglasses

Many sunglass frames are made of petroleum-based plastics. Dragon’s plant-based resin alternative offers a cleaner way to create high-quality frames from a renewable resource, the castor plant.

How Does It Work?

It all starts on a farm, where suppliers trained in sustainable agriculture harvest castor beans. The beans are pressed for their oil, which is turned into plastic pellets. These are melted down and injected into molds to create frames. Learn more about plant-based resin technology.

Free Shipping & Returns

Found the perfect eco-friendly sunglasses? We’ll cover the cost of shipping. Dragon Alliance is committed to outfitting you with the right shades, so we also offer free returns in the event you aren’t happy with your purchase.

Plant-Based Resin Sunglasses

Sustainable frames minimize our carbon footprint to protect the places you love.

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Showing 1 ‐ 6 of 6 items