Sun-Safe Eyewear Tailored to Your Environment

Dragon’s XP Cross-Performance Sunglasses come in three collections, each built for success in specific surroundings:

· Hydra: Floatable, low-density thermoplastic frames, a detachable leash, Performance Polar lenses with Lumalens technology, and hydrophobic coatings are just a handful of features that make these the perfect surfing sunglasses.

· Terra: Staying on shore? Interchangeable lenses, lightweight plant-based resin frames, adjustable temples, and Lumalens color optimized lenses are some of the ways these sunglasses are designed with runners and hikers in mind.

· Glacia: Detachable side shields, an adjustable leash, and color-optimized Lumalens lenses are a few of the elements skiers and snowboarders will appreciate when they hit the powder in these shades.

Dragon Alliance: Engineered for Exploration

We know how important it is to have a clear view of the action, which is why Dragon strives to provide the most durable and advanced athletic eyewear on the market. Surfers, snowboarders, and everyday athletes know that their Dragon sunglasses don’t just look great—they help you reach peak performance on the water, trail, or slope.

XP Cross-Performance Sunglasses

Designed for adventure on water, land, or snow.

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Showing 1 ‐ 4 of 4 items