Reduce your impact by making one.

Every Dragon Upcycled frame is made from
the waste of five plastic bottles.

Step 1

Plastic waste is manually
separated and selected
to be upcycled.

Step 2

All plastics are separated,
washed, and cut into chips.

Step 3

Chips are pressed into
pellets, melted down and
turned into a frame.

The story of UPCYCLED began with a single mission: To protect earth and all of its adventures, five water bottles at a time. Every frame in the collection is designed through a process that repurposes, or upcycles, single-use plastics to reduce the impact they have on the land we love to explore, the air we breathe and the water we ride. Thoughtfully constructed from recycled water bottles. Five water bottles in every frame. Five fewer in our landfills, our oceans, our air. Protect the earth, see the world.

5 Bottles = 1 Frame

Every Dragon Upcycled frame
is made
from five recycled waterbottles

Over 300 Million Tons
of plastic produced every year

50% is Single Use
but on the planet for
several hundred years

2.5 Million Tons
of CO2 is released into
the atmosphere annually

38 Billion
water bottles end up in
U.S. landfills each year

8 Million Tons
of plastic is dumped into
our oceans every year

By 2050
there will be more plastic
than fish in the world’s oceans