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Laurent De Martin

I'm Laurent De Martin, freeskier from Champéry les Crosets, I like all kind of ski: urban, powder and snowparks. Skiing is more than a passion for me. I just cant live without it.

Career Stats: 1st Glacier 3000 invitational

DOB: 11.28.1991
Born: Monthey
Resides: Champéry les-Crosets
Hobbies: Skate and parties
Favorite Quote:Facebook/Twitter/blog Page: <>

Height: 1m77
Weight: 74kg
Sponsors: Dragon, Saga, Nordica, Bern, Nilton
Training Ground: Snowparks
Favorite Wave (or Mountain, track, whatever):Les Crosets
Favorite trick: carving cork 7 blunt
Inspirations: Snowboard