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Nick Russell

Height: 5'7ish

Weight: 155ish

Stance (if applicable): Regs, 21.5 inches wide

Sponsors: Dragon, Rossignol, Atmosphere Outerwear, Gnarly, Masa, POW mittens, Landing 

Training Ground: The earth

Favorite Wave (or Mountain, track, whatever):  The fresh ones

Favorite trick:Carving

Inspirations: Frends crew, Muller, Cody Rosenthal, Jeremy Stompson

Not soo much yet… But stay tuned.

AKA: Kcin llessur

DOB: Pisces, 88

Born: East Coast

Resides: Utah

Hobbies: Puzzles, Video editing, bike riding, the works

Favorite Quote: Some people think cucumbers taste better pickled. 

Nick transplanted his ass out to the West Coast a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Well,,, Kind of. Nick is one of those kids that quietly rips the entire mountain. You are more than likely to see him cruising and burning through the trees of Brighton or hot lapping Park City, UT’s park.