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Phillip Goold

Birthday: August 24, 1989

Born: Virginia Beach, VA

Resides: Virginia Beach, VA

Height: 5'9"

Stance: Regular

Hobbies: The internet, biking real fast, tunes

Favorite Quote: Lifes a garden, dig it

Favorite Dragon Sunglass:  the Jam!






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Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Billabong, Dragon, Sanuk, 17th street surf shop, AJW surfboards, Wareings Gym

Shaper: AJW

Magic Stick: 6' 0"  x 18.30" x 2.3" babaloo model

Training Ground:  Wareings Gym and Hatteras Island

Favorite Wave: A nice steep right  with a tube on it and warmth

Favorite Maneuver: backside floaters with a quickness..or the frontside tube ride

Inspirations:  Dane Reynolds

Favorite Type of Music: Electronic

Favorite Movie: Talledega Nights

Ideal Surf Trip: Id have to go with the classic boat trip to the mentawaiis with all the time, fish, food, and bintangs

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