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Ricky Whitlock

Birthday: October 2, 1986

Born: Fallbrook, CA

Resides: Carlsbad, CA

Height: 5'10

Stance: Goofy

Hobbies: Skating, snowboarding, training, tennis, baseball, football

Favorite Quote: "If you ain't first your last"

Favorite Dragon Sunglass: Experience II

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Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Matix, Dragon, Sector 9, West Wetsuits, Sun Diego, Kicker, Bully's

Shaper: My pops Rusty (RW Surfboards) Whitlock

Magic Stick: Right now its my 5'10 Scorcher from Mayhem or any RW my dad shapes

Training Ground: State Beach

Favorite Wave: Warm Waters

Favorite Maneuver: Big Barrel come out do a carve and finish with an air

Inspirations: God, family, friends, Padres and the Chargers

Favorite Type of Music: Anything and everything that can get my blood flowing and sometimes some fist pumping

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers

Ideal Surf Trip: To the Mentawaiis with all my closest friends and our girls with no other boats out there

Though he's based out of Carlsbad, CA, Ricky is constantly on the move these days. One of the most well rounded surfers out of San Diego, Ricky travels most of the year; chasing magazine trips, ASP points, and giant swells around the world. When he is home, you'll find him skating the ramps behind his family's surf shop (RW surfboards), punting airs at Ponto, or hanging with his girlfirend Kelli Hutcherson, an MMA ring girl recently voted into Maxim's hottest 100 girl's on the planet.

So, do you hate him yet?