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Taylor Knox

Birthday: May 15, 1971

Born:Thousand Oaks ca

Resides:Carlsbad, CA



Hobbies: training,  watching the Padres or Chargers,  riding the Carver skateboards, yoga

Favorite Quote: " if you have to take your independence,  you never really had it"

Favorite Dragon Sunglass: The Mansfield or Jam

2006 ASP WCT top ten surfer
1998 K2 Big-Wave Challenge $50K
1996 ASP WCT World #6
1995 ASP WCT World #4
1993 First year on the ASP WCT
1992 Hard Rock World Cup at Sunset
1990 4th Amateur Championships in Japan

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Rip Curl,  Dragon,  Channel Islands,  On A Mission, Vertra, Mizu water bottles, Alana Estates wine and Surfexercises  

Shaper: AL Merrick shapes with fins by Marlin Beacon

Magic Stick: 6'1" x 18 3/4" x 2 3/8"

Training Ground: Carlsbad,  training with Paul Hiniker

Favorite Maneuver: Barrel's

Inspirations:  Hunter and Jordyn Knox,Tom Curren, Ron Rathbun, Kelly, Mick,

Favorite Type of Music:  Xavier Rudd,  Pearl Jam,  Radiohead, Pheonix  

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Ideal Surf Trip:  with friends that are mellow and up for anything...

Taylor Knox is one of the most iconic surfers of all time. Hailing from Carlsbad, CA, TK is renown for his powerful technique and style, and has been a permanent fixture on the World Championship Tour for almost two decades

At age fifteen, he suffered a serious back injury while skateboarding that almost jeopardized his dreams of becoming a professional surfer. With the drive and ambition that he continues to credit, Taylor overcame this challenge and came back with a vengeance. In 1997 Taylor won the K2 Big Wave Challenge winning him $50,000. Taylor remains one of the most powerful surfers in the world that many of today’s up and coming pro’s still look up to.

Taylor is currently still competing on the WCT. He is an avid fitness guru using special fitness techniques to keep up his rail-to-rail surfing. Taylor recently helped release a fitness video called “Surf Exercises”. Taylor will continue to surf and train his way to one of the lengthiest professional surfing careers of all time.