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Developed from the minds of team riders, retailers and designers, Dragon created their Translucent collection to liberate buyers from clichéd all
over prints and shockingly bright colors. Keeping frames fresh with modern jewel tones in matte and gloss varieties, Translucent beams in brilliant
shades without overwhelming Dragon’s classically stylish appearance. Arriving in hues of Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Red and Pink.

What do you wear when you’re tired of neon pink and highlighter orange? Well…translucent sea foam and purple my friends. This spring, Dragon introduces a slew of new color ways that are easy on the eyes and will keep you looking breezy.  
Available in an ice cream truck assortment of colors across some of our hottest styles like Fame, Calavera, and Wormser – the Translucent Collection is the subtle and fresh look you can rock all year long for those days you just don’t want all that fluoro flash.