Plant-Based Resin

Protecting the oceans we love to surf,
the mountains we love to climb,
the Earth we love to explore.

Castor plants are harvested for their beans. Oil is pressed from the beans
then turned into pellets, which are melted and injected into frames.

Plant-based resin is a natural bio-based plastic, a smarter and much cleaner alternative to standard petroleum-based plastics. The material we use comes from castor bean oil, a highly resilient and renewable plant resource. It creates plastics that are strong, light, and durable while reducing our carbon footprint and ultimately, our impact on the planet. The castor plant is prized for its ability to thrive in the harshest conditions; growing in arid regions of the world where little else can be successfully farmed. In these regions, castor bean cultivation creates jobs for some 700,000 farmers. Dragon is proud to partner with the global network of suppliers trained and certified by Pragati, an educational organization aimed at reducing environmental impact and improving quality of life through creating more sustainable supply chains.

Our plant-based resin starts on the farm, where training and education takes place to promote sustainable agricultural practices. Farmers are taught to preserve the environment through methods of water and soil conservation and improved waste management practices.

Castor beans are harvested for this material and are selected in part due to their inherent droughtresistance and minimal irrigation or fertilization needs.

The beans are pressed for their oil creating a highly resilient and renewable resource that enables us to reduce our carbon footprint.

The oil undergoes a process called polymerization where it is transformed into plant-based plastic pellets.

The pellets are melted down and injected in molds to become your frames. Helping people see a better tomorrow.